Financial Markets

Financial Markets Master Class

Prepare for Financial markets like never before. Most effective masterclass on the subject after which you will get complete knowledge of the subject.

– 5 Modules
– 6 Quizes
– Case Studies
– & Much more

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Meet your trainer

Aditi Nahata
Masters in Business and Management- Duke University, USA
Equity and Derivatives Analyst, Proprietary Trading
Financial Transformation Consultant, EXL Services
Investment Banking Analyst

What will you learn from the Financial Markets Master Class

– Financial Markets and its role
– Financial Markets by Segment
– Primary Vs Secondary Markets
– Real vs Financial Asstes
– Financial Instruments
– Players in the Financial Markets
– The Investment Process– real time walkthrough

– Introduction to the Module
– Time Value of Money
– Net Present Value
– Annuities vs Perpetuities
– Effective Interest Rate
– Introduction to Financial Statements
– Financial Statemet Walkthrough
– Ratio Analysis
– Ratio Analysis- Walkthrough

– Introduction to the mdoule
– Prerequisties and th process of trading
– Types of Orders
– What drives the market
– Anlaysing Equity- Introduction to fundamental Analysis
– Analysing Equity- Technical Analysis
– Gordon Growth Model
– Valuation Ratios
– Valuation Ratios Walkthrough
– Discounted Cash Flow Model
– DCF Walkthrough
– Investment Philosophies
– Introduction to Portfolios

– Introduction to the Module
– Introduction to Risk and Return
– Investment choices and Portfolio: Utility Theory
– Utility Function and Capital Allocation
– Optimal Portfolio – Risky and Risk free Asset
– Capital Allocation- Rsiky Assets
– Optimal Portfolio – Risky Assets
– Capital Asset Pricing Model
– Portfolio Performance Evaluation

– Intrtoduction
– Fixed Income Markets
– Fixed Income Strategies
– Derivatives Market- Futures
– Futures Strategy
– Options
– Call Options
– Put Options
– Options Trading Strategies
– Currency Markets
– Currency Market Strategies
– Closing Notes
– Final Quiz

Success Stories, why students’ love Engage7x Academy

  • CA Nikhil Goel
    15 days of learning, discussions, hands on implementation and case studies with real time business issues! This is the most interactive and that was the best part about it. Recommended course for all, MBA aspirants, students, likewise.
    CA Nikhil Goel
  • Vignesh Anuranga - IIM Sirmaur
    The most productive 15 days of my lockdown!
    A course filled with real-time case discussion with industry experts, opportunity to undergo live projects, curate an ad campaign. This course gave me a run up to what my life would be in s B-School!
    Vignesh Anuranga - IIM Sirmaur
  • Sushant Jamdar - IIM C
    It was amazing to learn SEO and Digital Marketing. I Learn SEO with practical knowledge which I gained from this course and it was a complete different experience.
    Sushant Jamdar - IIM C
  • Reshma Pius - IIM Vizag
    Understand real concept about the Google ads which will help to increase knowledge about digital marketing. Got the exact concept about advertisement of social media. Thank a lot
    Reshma Pius - IIM Vizag
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